The Healing Power of Herbs!


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The Tea That Replaced The PROPHET 3H Herbs & Ezekiel Cleansing Tea

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The Healing Power of Herbs!
Enjoy a more satisfying level of LIFE
Natures Formula and Prophet 3H is an herbal & cleansing teas. These herbal teas work specifically for many of LIFE'S challenges.
Herbs are natural foods that contain all of the vitamins and minerals the body needs to aid and repair itself. In the book, "Back to Eden" (Kloss, 1939), it is stated that no matter how many germs get into the body, if the blood stream is clean and the blood corpuscles are in good condition, you will be safe. Everyone comes in contact with many kinds of germs, but these organisms will not harm you or cause sickness and death, unless they have a place in which to propagate themselves. Many who violate the laws of vitality are ignorant to the laws of living (eating, drinking, and working) for maintaining their vitality. Until they have some kind of sickness, they do not realize their condition is due to violating these laws of nature.  If people would resort to simple means, and follow the simple laws of vitality that they have been neglecting (proper diet, use of pure water, fresh air, sunshine, rest, and nature's remedies, herbs, etc.), nature would restore their bodies all the time. When the steps outlined are followed, people will generally recover from many of today's illnesses. There is a wonderful science in nature, in trees, herbs, roots, and flowers, which man has never fathomed.
All of the science of ancient Egypt, the science of ancient Babylon, the wisdom of Solomon, and the science and knowledge of this enlightened age as taught in the colleges and universities, does not equal the science of nature, and is rarely understood by the most intelligent people.

Prophet 3H Herbs have been helping people throughout China, Japan, Korea, India and the United States of America. These herbs are uniquely blended together.

Benefits of the Secret Herb Blend :

  • The Brain: As people grow older, blood flow to the brain decreases. This means less food and oxygen for the brain cells. The findings of William Sneed, M.D. a Venice, Ca. Internist, has confirmed that many European studies show that these herbs increase blood flow to the brain, help strokes, and improve memory and mental prowess.

  • The Heart: These herbs improve blood flow to the heart and appear to reduce heart attack risk by removing the formation of blood clots inside the coronary arteries.

  • The Legs: When cholesterol deposits narrow the arteries in the legs, the result is "intermittent claudication", pain cramping, and weakness; particularly in elderly calves. A year long double blind study of thirty six intermittent claudication sufferers showed that forty milligrams of one of these herbs three times per day produced significantly greater relief than what is currently being offered in hospitals.

  • The Eyes: Blood flow decreases to the retina during old age (the nerve rich area in the back of the eye necessary for sight). As the blood starved retina deteriorates, the result is "macular degeneration", the leading cause of adult blindness. In a six-month double blind French study of ten people with macular degeneration, eighty milligrams of one of these herbs twice a day produced significant vision improvement.

  • The Ears: With age, blood flow decreases to the nerves of the inner ear, which is necessary for hearing. The result is cochlea deafness, the leading cause of age related hearing loss. In a thirty-day double blind French study of twenty people with cochlea deafness, which compared eighty milligrams of these herbs twice a day with the standard medical therapy, significant recovery was observed in both groups. However, improvement was distinctly better in these herb groups. Other French studies have shown these herbs effective with tinnitus and vertigo, findings Dr. Komet's observations confirm.

This herbal blend has intriguing medical possibilities. Platelet activation factors are involved in triggering asthma attacks. The herbal blend's ability to interfere with PAF may help remove them. Studies are reportedly now in progress. This herbal blend is also a powerful antioxidant and a free radical scavenger in the bloodstream.

These herbs, better known as Nature's Formula and Prophet 3H, are grown across the waters, high up in the mountains of Asia minor. A group of missionaries from France visited these villages approximately thirty years ago and discovered that there were no serious illnesses among the villagers.

Upon visiting house after house, these missionaries discovered each home had something in common. They all used a special blend of herbal teas that were prepared for them by men who lived in the mountains. Not only were there no illnesses among the villagers, there was virtually no one overweight. The missionaries later found that it was because of the herbs. According to their report, one of the most amazing facts was, that the elders of the villages bodies were in perfect condition. There was no high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, cataracts, arthritis, or cancers.

When the missionaries questioned the elders of this amazing phenomenon, they would only say that many years ago it was told to them, that if they used the special blended herbs they would simply never get sick. One man told the missionaries that death had been very rare during his lifetime. He was sixty-two years old. In fact, when someone did die, it was mostly from being careless in the forest among the wild animals or some other accidental death. When someone did die from old age, it was just that, "old age". Death from old age seldom occurred before the ages of eighty five to one hundred years.

Through the years, these herbs, Nature's Formula and Prophet 3H, have been helping people throughout China, Japan, Korea, India and the United States of America. These herbs are uniquely blended together to assist the body in getting rid of toxins that are building in the body and the blood. The teas gives the needed nutrients to help to revitalize cells and organs so that good LIFE vitality can be restored.

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